“Without a doubt this is the most active non-profit I’ve seen in terms of developing creative programs to strengthen the family unit.”

“Thank you This Side UP Family Center for your safe nurturing family oriented organization! A few years ago, my 2 year old daughter and I relocated from out of state with my job. I left behind my family and friends and moved to unfamiliar territories. As if that wasn’t scary enough; making new friends and finding others who can relate to my situation as a single parent was even more difficult. This Side Up Family Center became that home away from home. Here I was able to connect with others single parents. I have been able to attend and take advantage of the numerous classes provided by the center, topics such as funding my daughter’s education, legal advice, and local resources. Not only have I benefited from This Side Up Family, my daughter looks forward to the monthly family nights! There are so many families in need that having This Side UP Family is essential to the community. Thanks again for being a blessing to my family.”

“I have been coming To This Side Up With My Grandchildren for about 6 months. This Side Up Has been a lifesaver for me…working all week and the kids going to school. This Side Up has provided single parenting classes, giving me guidance on finding work, budgeting. Helping me to provide clothes, shoes and most of all loving the children as if they were their children. This has been a very hard time in my life these last few months and I don’t know what I would have done without the support of the people at This Side Up. They helped me not to give up.”

“We cannot thank you enough for (your Marriage Enrichment) this program. We are foster parents of two littles and changing from having no children to two has been an exciting and exhausting adjustment! Our night out this past weekend, provided by This Side Up, gave us the time we needed to reconnect and take a breather so we can give more fully to our children. Thank you!!!”

“We just want you to know how much your Marriage Enrichment Program has revived our marriage. The Talk Time Card questions are so great, you have brought conversation back into our relationship. When we finish one question, my husband is the one asking me what the next one is so we can talk some more. That’s never happened before and is amazing. THANK YOU!!”

“An oasis in the desert of family resources!”

“This Side Up is one of the best things to happen to our city. It is a safe place to gather with family and has a broad outreach for community activities.

“This Side UP! is blessing families all over Plano. Nothing is more important than building strong families because families have been declining in our country and kids are suffering because of it! This Side UP! has seen the need and is meeting it!!

“We love the bingo/game nights. Truly bringing our family together.

“Awesome environment filled with warmth, compassion and fun for the entire family. Not only do they serve families that attend This Side Up, but they are constantly outreaching to find ways to assist surrounding communities and families within Plano.

“With families facing more challenges every day, this is an organization who is actively seeking to help parents and kids tackle the barriers that prevent them from growing in their relationships with one another and the world

“This Side Up! offers a truly unique family experience each & every month. We have been blessed by their efforts time and time again.

“This Side UP! is a family-safe, inexpensive way to strengthen family bonds. It caters to many different family needs. Every city should have such a place!

“I am a single mom and I have 3 kids ages 9, 11, & 13. TSU is a great inexpensive way to spend time together and with friends in a safe environment with common goals of building stronger families.”


Taking families SURVIVING to THRIVING!